Code of Conduct

Information on the Code of Conduct Rules for cooperation

The Code of Conduct governs access to the e-voting system documents within the framework of the Swiss Post e-voting community programme. We are committed to providing transparent information on the operating principles and security precautions of the system. We want to foster cooperation with independent experts and thus facilitate the continuous improvement of the system.

What you can expect from us

  • The secure handling of the democratic process is the key focus of our mission.
  • A secure means of casting votes and the guarantee of voting secrecy take priority.
  • We meticulously check all findings submitted. Where necessary, we discuss the matter in order to understand and validate a finding.
  • We recognize that reports from experts represent a key contribution to improving the security of the system.
  • In our public e-voting community bug bounty programme, we pay rewards of up to EUR 230,000 for qualified vulnerabilities.
  • We respect the academic freedom of researchers.

What we expect from participants

  • Participants must respect the privacy of others and avoid destroying data and comprising the integrity of systems.
  • Participants should report their findings via the channels provided (cf. Contributions).
  • Participants comply with the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure process.
  • Participants must read and comply with the Code of ConductTarget not accessible

Swiss Post retains all rights to the source code and other elements, including the copyright and patent rights.