FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions and definition of terms


What exactly is the e-voting community programme?
Which rules apply?
Where can I submit a finding?
Where can I register for the bug bounty programme?
Can I check the system without taking part in the bug bounty programme?
I have a technical question. Who can I contact?
Am I allowed to talk openly about a vulnerability that I have discovered?
Will I receive remuneration if I find a fault?
Is it possible to compile Swiss Post’s system?
Who developed the system?
Is the system open source?
When will the new e-voting system be operational?
Can I get a preview of what electronic voting is like?


Cryptographic protocol
Symbolic analysis
System source code
System specification
Library of cryptographic primitives
Project documentation
Verifiable mix network
Universal verifiability
Individual verifiability
Verification software
Public intrusion test

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