Community programme

Community programme Key points at a glance

In 2019, Swiss Post disclosed the source code of an earlier version of its e-voting system with complete verifiability. Since then, we have continued to develop the system, while improving the documentation and auditability. The feedback from those who took part provided us with a key basis for designing the ongoing programme, in particular with regard to the options for cooperating with interested parties. The system is being disclosed continually and transparently. Dialogue with experts is a core component of the e-voting community programme. Even after the initial authorization has been granted, Swiss Post will continue to develop the system, drawing on the expertise of specialists from around the world.

Over the course of 2021, Swiss Post published all the relevant components and documents of its future e-voting system. These will be permanently available for public review. The items are listed and described below. They can be viewed on GitLabTarget not accessible without prior registration.

Test scope e-voting system

E-voting system
Verification software
Cryptographic foundations
Library of cryptographic primitives
Web application and infrastructure (public intrusion test)
Project documentation

What you can expect

What awaits you when your participate in the e-voting community programme? The key points can be found at a glance below:

No registration required

The technical data and documents can be consulted on GitLab without registration.

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Code of Conduct

Our concise Code of Conduct allows us to move forward together.

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Bug bounty programme

Confirmed vulnerabilities are rewarded with bounties of up to EUR 230,000 Other channels are also available for making contributions.

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Contact our specialists

Do you have any questions about the documentation, findings or status of the work? Contact us directly – our e-voting team will be happy to provide you with more information.

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Overview and dialogue about the findings

Do you want to report a finding, talk to other users or ask the community a question?

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Further development since 2019: overview

All release notes and updates made since 2019 are available in an overview.

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Conducting tests

You can test, write, share and modify the source code. Test files are available for this purpose.

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Simulating a voting procedure

We provide instructions and test files to help you carry out a voting procedure on your computer.

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Good auditability

Swiss Post has reviewed and significantly improved the structure, readability and comprehensibility of the source code.

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Transparent development

Changes to the source code are published so that you can follow its development with ease.

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Intrusion test

Swiss Post conducts the public intrusion test on a regular basis. The intrusion test 2024 will take place 17th of June to 3rd of July 2024.

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E-voting system 2019

In 2019, Swiss Post disclosed the source code of an earlier version of its e-voting system with complete verifiability. These documents are also available on GitLab.

See the 2019 system on GitLabTarget not accessible