Disclosure of the Swiss Post e-voting system

Swiss Post e-voting community programme Welcome

Swiss Post’s services make everyday life easier for people in Switzerland – in both the physical and digital worlds. When it comes to e-voting, Swiss Post is digitizing what it does best: the secure transport of confidential information.

On 3 March 2023, the Federal Council approved the e-voting system developed by Swiss Post for votes. For the first time since 2019, eligible voters can vote electronically again. Swiss Post has been focusing on the development of its e-voting system since 2019. Its team of specialists at the Cryptography Center in Neuchâtel has worked intensively on this and done pioneering work. In doing so, Swiss Post is providing an e-voting system from Switzerland for Switzerland.

They have been revealing their new e-voting system in several phases since early 2021 through a community programme. Today all the relevant components and documents are now fully and permanently public, and can be reviewed by independent experts. Swiss Post continues to publish new development versions and new releases. These can all be found on the GitLab specialist platformTarget not accessible. Swiss Post is pursuing the community programme even after the initial authorization with the aim of providing independent experts with easy access, improving the system on an ongoing basis, and in order to facilitate dialogue between experts and Swiss Post’s e-voting team.

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