Disclosure of the Swiss Post e-voting system

Disclosure of the Swiss Post e-voting system Welcome

As part of the e-voting community programme, Swiss Post is disclosing the source code, specifications and documentation of the e-voting system. The aim is to make access to the system as simple as possible for independent experts and to constantly improve the system. Disclosure facilitates an in-depth examination and dialogue between specialists and with the Swiss Post e-voting team. Swiss Post is gradually developing the system further, taking confirmed findings into consideration. Disclosure therefore serves to enhance the security of the e-voting system.

Disclosure in stages

The e-voting system is being disclosed in stages, starting with providing the cryptographic protocol for testing. Swiss Post will subsequently publish further elements of the system. Information to support the disclosure process can be found on the website. All technical data and documents are published on the GitLab platform.

The Code of Conduct is important to us. It allows us to move forward together.

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News about the disclosure

19.01.2021 New Swiss Post e-voting system: cryptographic protocol disclosed